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Flameless Water HeaterFrac Water Transfer

In an effort to reduce the costs of transporting water, LTR has developed a way to transfer water long distances that eliminates most trucking at significantly less cost than traditional poly pipe lines.

LTR specializes in high volume water transfer services through mobile piping solutions with top-of-the line environmentally safe systems designed to support hydraulic fracturing, or “fracing,” used in hydrocarbon reservoirs.

We are pleased to introduce our new water transfer hose.  This is a high pressure lay flat discharge hose that significantly decreases costs by decreasing setup time and equipment. The 8” and 10” hose allow for the high rates and pressures that are needed for today’s fracs. Long sections and fewer joints, reduce the chance for leaks and setups are fast with our hose reel system, and experienced field technicians.

Some of the advantages of the lay flat hose are: Lower labor cost, fewer contractors, and much less traffic, the polyurethane hose holds up very well in almost any climate, brutal cold as well as scorching hot temperatures.

Frac Water Transfer using Lay Flat Pipe technologyWe also offer large modular above ground BigPondTank water storage, 500 barrel rolling, and 400 barrel upright frac tanks, and have mobile containment systems available for any of your fluid storage needs.

Please contact us for a free analysis of your water management, storage, and transfer needs.

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